Error Handling

When there is an error occurs, the API call will return an error code and an error message. The HTTP header is also set as the error code.

Below are the common possible error codes and error messages

Error Code Error Message Description
400 "Error: missing project ID parameter pid" The request API is missing the project ID parameter pid in the request URL. Add a pid parameter in the request URL.
404 "Error: cannot find the project" There is no project matches the pid in the request URL. Replace the pid with a valid project ID.
403 "Error: no domain is allowed" There is no domain is set in the authorized domain list in the project. Add the website domains to in VisitorAPI user interface.
403 "Error: referrer domain is not allowed" The web page’s domain is not in the authorized domain or the page is set to no-referrer policy. Add the website domains to in VisitorAPI user interface or allow referral in page’s header.
402 "Error: exceed free plan quota, please upgrade” The monthly usage has exceed the monthly quota of the free plan. Upgrade to a paid plan to resume usage.
500 "Internal error" Unexpected internal errors.
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